Caps Notes

What is Caips/Gcms?

Caps Notes – CAIPS stands for “Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System” & GCMS stands for “Global Case Management System” used by all the Canadian Visa Offices and then, the Consulates for all kinds of Visa Application Process & tracking cases for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

So, IRCC utilizes the accompanying three frameworks to electronically store the total records about the visa applications for current and future references:

  • CAIPS (Computer-aided Immigration Processing System)
  • GCMS (Global Case Management System)
  • FOSS (Field Operations Support System)

CAIPS – Computer-aided Immigration Processing System, CAIPS refers to a database of processed applications. However, The immigration offices outside Canada maintain records of immigration application as CAIPS Notes for current and future references.

GCMS – Global Case Management System, a more specific record of application files, is more popular among the companies. So, GCMS helps to trail the comments of the handling officer. This helps future applicants to pick up knowledge of their flaws and a realization of the viewing pattern of the officials.

FOSS – When the immigration officials destroy paper files to clear the clutter according to their file retention policy, however, So they store the soft copy in the Field Operations Support System (FOSS) for future references. The notes in FOSS must not erode the written decision.

On your account, we can request for CAIPS/GCMS Notes from Canadian immigration. Usually, the time is 30 days for a response, some cases take more time nevertheless, from the time of application to receive your information. So, the time taken by the authorities depends on an individual application and its records. These notes have a coded format, unreadable enough for apprentices. We, at CMC immigration, decode them for you and make them legible to help you, thus providing valuable information on the current status and future processing of your application.

What do we offer?

We offer Caips/Gcms Notes services for those candidates, who faced Canada Visa Rejection for any reason. Whether, it is a Study Permit Refusal, Visitor Visa Refusal, Spouse Visa Refusal, Work Permit Refusal, or Express Entry Refusal or if you feel that your application is taking longer than usual, or you have not heard anything from the visa office for a long time, then you may consider requesting your notes.

What are the benefits of Caips/Gcms Notes?

  • You can follow your visa application status if your document is as yet under measure.
  • So, you will become more acquainted with the specific refusal reasons if your visa got dismissed.
  • You will become more acquainted with if IRCC is required any extra documentation.
  • You can satisfy the genuine necessities for your visa and can apply for your Canada visa again with no slip-up.
  • So, You can check your submitted reports in the event that you have question about your specialist.
  • Caips/GCMS Notes will help you in getting the Canada visa, after dismissal.
  • You can improve your odds of getting a Canada visa.

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