CRS score for Canada-How to improve it ?

Express Entry invites applicants for Canadian permanent residence through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on their CRS score. ITAs are most likely to be awarded to candidates with the highest CRS score for Canada. There are some factors within your control that you can change to get a higher CRS score if you are not confident your score is high enough.

Studies conducted by the Canadian government on the outcomes of immigrants of economic class have shaped the CRS. It considers this research and aims to help predict a candidate’s potential for success in the Canadian labor market.

CRS score for Canada component

A candidate can achieve a maximum CRS score for Canada of 1,200 points. Six hundred points for core, spouse and transferability components of competencies and 600 points for additional points details.

Express Entry candidates can earn up to 600 points in their first four components, regardless of relationship status. The only difference is the division and distribution of issues. For this article, we will assume that the candidate does not have a companion spouse.

Within the additional points component, candidates must have a provincial nomination (600 points), employment arrangements (50 or 200 points), a Canadian post-secondary education qualification (15 or 30 points), and proficiency in French (25 or 50 points). points) can receive points. ), or siblings in Canada (15 points). 

Candidates in the Express Entry pool should update their profile to reflect any changes in circumstances that may affect their CRS score. Some updates are automatically triggered. When your date of birth or language test results expire. For example, updating your profile with valid job listings, achieving higher scores on language proficiency tests, or taking education tests for foreign education may increase your score.

Start checking your CRS score for Canada.

Interested parties can check unofficial scores before applying for Express Entry. But remember, only the IRCC will tell you your score once you submit your supporting documents to the Express Entry system. Online calculators, including IRCC, are only as accurate as the information you enter and are not always profitable. Please note that some online CRS calculators are not real.

That said, it can give you a good idea of ​​where your profile ranks you in the Express Entry system. Your improvement can be determined by you.  If you are unsure if your CRS score is high enough to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), there are several ways to improve your score.

Apply early

Age is one of the factors that influence the system. If you apply between the ages of 20 and she is 29, you will automatically receive 110 CRS points. After that, the age score gradually decreases to 45 points or 0 points. Please note that the system will automatically start deducting points once you exceed 30 points. Getting the best score is as easy as applying early.

Improve language assessment

Language skills are also an essential factor. Candidates are assessed on their four skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing. Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) are assigned to each skill. It would help if you had her CLB 4 score points, and each level between CLB 6 and CLB 9 has a big jump. For example, increasing your score to CLB 7 adds 8 points to your score per skill. An FSWP candidate must have a minimum of her CLB 7 in Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing to be eligible for express enrollment.

If you can add your knowledge of French, you can earn up to 6 points per second language skill. If French is her primary language, she must achieve her NCLC 7 or better in all 4 skills for French and her CLB 4 or better in all 4 skills for English to earn the same points needed. With NCLC 7 and CLB 5, you can earn up to 50 extra points. 

Including overseas experience.

Overseas work experience alone does not count toward your CRS score. However, the better, the more qualified their work experience combined with their high CLB. A federal skilled worker program candidate already has at least one year of professional work experience and a CLB of 7.

Nonetheless, a year or more of overseas vocational training experience may improve CRS scores. For example, one year of international experience combined with her CLB of seven equals 13 points. An additional 25-50 points will be awarded if you have more than 2 years of experience abroad.

The same rules apply if you have work experience in Canada. If you combine one year of Canadian work experience with one year of qualified work experience abroad, you will earn an additional 13 CRS points. Each earns up to 50 points if she is over 2 years old. 

Gain work experience in Canada.

Work experience in Canada can award candidates up to 80 points depending on years of experience. Her one year of professional experience as a qualified professional in Canada is worth 40 points.

One of the most popular ways to gain experience is through a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). After completing an educational program in Canada, a PGWP holder can work in Canada for up to three years, depending on the length of the program, and use that experience to enhance her CRS score.

Get another credential

Getting additional education certificates can help boost your score if the benefits outweigh the risks. If you have already earned a certificate, diploma, or degree from a three-year or multi-year program, you can earn 112 credits.

Do you have siblings in Canada?

If you have a brother in Canada, he may earn 15 points if the brother is a citizen or permanent resident.

PNP Advantage

Some states are reviewing Express Entry pools of potential candidates for the state’s nominee program (PNP). They are looking for highly skilled immigrants who can contribute to the state workforce.

Earning a state nomination increases your CRS by 600 points. This is the maximum increase for any single factor. Receiving a state nomination increases your chances of receiving an ITA.


A low CRS does not mean you cannot receive an ITA. The minimum CRS score changes from draw to draw. Draws for Express Entry for all programs resumed on July 6th this year. Over 1000 candidates were issued their ITA each time, and the scores were not the same. We encourage you to submit your profile early and work on improving your score while waiting for the IRCC to issue your invitation. Most of the time, there are ways to influence the score.

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