Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship program opens once in a year and it gives the permission to the citizens of Canada to sponsor their family under the Family Sponsorship program. The Government of Canada gives its complete support to the Canadian Citizenso that they can call their family and can stay with them as permanent citizens of Canada.

Who is eligible for Family Class Sponsorship?

The person should clear the eligibility test before sponsoring his family.

You can sponsor your family or relatives to come to Canada –

  • If you are of 18 years of age
  • If you are a Canadian Citizen as per the Canadian Indian Act
  • If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada
  • Make sure that you are eligible before sponsoring your family.
  • An individual should not be a prisoner
  • He should not harm the family member neither mental nor physical torture.

Sponsorship Agreement

The sponsor should agree that they will give their financial support to their family members.

The new permanent resident will not enjoy the government assistance.

Medical Exam

The sponsored candidate should clear the medical test and he should submit the result at the time of application.

Police Certificates

The applicants should submit the Police Certificates from the country they are living for long-time.

Spousal and Family sponsorship

When you immigrate to Canada, you may not want to be alone. With the family class sponsorship, you don’t have to. This family sponsorship was created by the Canadian government, to assist reunite families whenever possible.

If you are a permanent citizen of Canada, you can sponsor certain members of your family to live with you in Canada as permanent residents. There are some categories defined that can help unite you and your family members.

In 2021, Canada government plans on reuniting between 300,000 to 410,000 family members through the family sponsorship program.

Why you need an expert to handle your sponsorship case?

An expert will provide its complete assistance to you and with his advice your will be able to fill the form correctly and can get the desired information. One mistake in your form may block all your process and you have to start with long procedure again. So, it is better to get the advice from the experts and get the approval on time.


Family Sponsorship is the top priority of the Canadian Government but it can only support you if you follow all the rules and take care of the procedure.

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