Student Visa outside Canada

A visa is an official document that allows the traveler to legally enter a foreign country. A student visa outside canada is a type of official formality that allows the bearer to enter the other countries and gives them the legal permission to complete their studies in the universities located in their countries.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada rolled out certain improvements to the International Student Program. As per the new guidelines, the students can do part-time work (as long as 20 hours every week) without a work permit. It permits students to find out about Canada and its way of life. It also permits students to deal with on-campus or off-campus.

How to Apply?

The student can apply through an online process or can fill the Application form.

The Student Visa should clearly demonstrate the reason of their visa and the purpose of study visa.

The candidate should be capable of paying his tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses.

If you want to apply through an online process then you should follow these guidelines which are designed by the Government of Canada Website.

Just have a look at these guidelines properly and make your proper arrangements.

  • Create an account
  • After signing in, search for “Start an application”, then “Apply to Come to Canada”.
  • Answer the list of questions which will decide that you are eligible to go to Canada or not.
  • Complete the application form and upload the document ad PDF or picture flies.

If you don’t want any mistake to arise then you should always consult the visa officer and they will guide you. This process is time consuming but if you take the assistance of the visa officer then you can save your precious time and can utilize that same energy in some other productive activities.

You also need some important documents

  • A police certificate
  • A medical certificate
  • Some important documents according to the country you are going.
  • A Declaration form that you are eligible to travel and have the enough funds in order to existence in other countries.

Students can easily apply to become permanent citizen of Canada after their educations. Visit our website for more information on becoming permanent resident of Canada.


So, if you are planning to apply for Student Visa outside Canada then don’t delay and get the desired information from the above mentioned list.

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