Visitor Visa For Canada

Every year, a great number of people visit Canada for some reasons. If you are expecting on travelling to Canada for visiting a family or companion, you must need visitor visa.

Before you plan your visit, you should see whether you need a visa to enter Canada. If you needn’t bother with a visa to enter Canada, you will still have to meet some particular requirements. If you are at present a temporary resident in Canada with a legitimate status, you can apply for another visitor visa to get back to Canada before you leave. In order to be considered a ‘Genuine’ visitor to Canada and acquire your Visitor Visa, there are many requirements that you should meet before you can successful. And, after it’s all said and done, the success of your application will depend heavily on the documents you submit to help your case. Some portion of the application is showing your solid ties to your country of origin. This will prove that it is sensible to expect that you will get back to your home country once your Visitor Visa has expired.

All individuals want to visit to Canada once in their life time. So, if you want to visit to Canada then you need a Visitor Visa or tourist visa.

With visitor visa you can –

  • Enter and stay in Canada
  • Travel to different places
  • Search for work in Canada
  • Join a short term study course
  • You can apply for the date extend before it finishes
  • You can undergo legal business activities.

With visitor visa you cannot –

  • Stay permanently
  • Apply for a Work permit
  • Apply for s study permit

If you want to apply for visitor visa then you can apply through online or offline process.
For online process

You must have to upload scanned copies of your documents

You should have a valid credit card to make the payments.

If you are applying through offline then you should submit these important documents.

  • A police certificate
  • A medical certificate
  • Some important documents according to the country you are going.
  • A Declaration form that you are eligible to travel and have the enough funds in order to existence in other countries.

Visitor Visa adds an advantage to the life of an individual who wants to visit the foreign countries and want to explore the new places. So, if you are a traveler or want to visit new places then Visitor Visa is the best option for you.

Advantages of Visitor Visa

An individual can meet his friends and family residing in different countries.

Individual can study for up to 3 months

An individual can include his partner, children, dependent in the visa application.

Final words

If your family is in other country then you can opt for Visitor Visa and can visit to their place. Follow some rules and regulations and you are eligible to go to any country legally.

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