Spousal Sponsorship

The citizens of Canada and permanent residents can sponsor their spouse for immigration to Canada. Families are the backbone of any society and if they are together they give their complete dedication towards their work. The Government of Canada understands this and for this reason they give priority to Spousal Sponsorship.

The spousal sponsorship Canada program is an integral part of the Family Class category. So, Canada welcomes new permanent residents annually. Here are some important points which is to be considered –

  • What is your civil status?
  • Are you living in the same address which is mentioned in the application?
  • Is the sponsor a Canadian citizen or is the sponsor a permanent resident?

The sponsor and the sponsored person should get the approval from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in order to receive the Canadian Permanent Residence.

Who Can Sponsor their Spouse in Canada ?

  • If you are a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident living in Canada.
  • If you have enough income so as to support the basic needs of any grandchildren or the dependent child of the principal applicant.
  • If your age is 18 years and older.
  • If you are living in Canada, or if you are living outside Canada, you must proof that you will live in Canada once your spouse becomes a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You and your spouse must sign an agreement that you understand your responsibilities and obligations.
  • You must sign an undertaking that you will provide the basic needs for your spouse and dependents.

Which category comes under the Spousal Sponsorship?

A spouse is a partner with whom he is legally married.

How long does it take to sponsor the spouse in Canada?

The Spousal Sponsorship approximately takes 12 months as it is a long process.

If you are married and want the Spousal Sponsorship then the immigration officer will check the following details about you before providing you the permission.

The details are as follows –

  • He will check the relationship information
  • He will check the Marriage certificate
  • Wedding invitation and other papers
  • Birth certificate of your child
  • Proof of the registration of marriage at the Government authority.


If you are a Canadian Citizen and want that your spouse should reach to your place then you need to follow the Spousal Sponsorship rules. Follow the rules and enjoy the citizenship of Canada with your family.

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