Super Visa

What is Super Visa?

The Super Visa is defined as the multi-entry visa whose validity is for a period of 10 years. It gives the facility to an individual and it allows him to stay for up to two years at a time in Canada. This visa is for the parents or grandparents whose children are already a part of the Canadians.

For people who are residents of visa exempt countries, the Super Visa program can still be helpful. People from visa exempt countries are commonly allowed to enter Canada for a half-year without getting a visitor visa. Under the new program, a parent or grandparent of a Canadian resident or permanent resident from a visa exempt country can apply, from outside of Canada, for a Letter of Introduction, which they would then be able to present to a border official upon appearance to Canada. When given a Letter of Introduction, the Canadian border official will ordinarily permit the person to enter Canada for a time period of 2-years.

So, if you are looking for Super Visa and want to apply for it then here are some requirements which you should meet.

The candidates who are eligible for Super Visa are as follows –

  • The candidate should be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen
  • He should have a signed letter from his children who are in Canada
  • He must have medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company with the validity of at least 1 year from the date of access time started.

Why you should apply through Online Process ?

  • The online process is safe and it does not add any type of Courier charges.
  • You get quick response from the office and your papers are submitted through online process only
  • There is no any scope of delay and it does not require any type of middle cost eaters.
  • It saves the time of the user and the work is done by the right hands.

When processing your Super Visa, an Officer will look at such things as :

  • The main purpose of your visit.
  • Your financial condition.
  • Your health should be good.
  • Your ties to your own country.
  • Your family ties in Canada.
  • An invitation from your family.
  • The overall economic stability in your own country.


The visitors who wish to stay in Canada for long-term or who want to extend their time period they have to apply for an extension but before the expiry date arrives or has to pay a new fee. So, if you are in Canada and have the desire that your Parents or Grandparents should come to your place then you should apply for Super Visa as it will give benefits to you and you can call your parents to your place also.

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