Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker is the persons who are eligible to work in Canada and they can apply for Permanent Residents. They fulfill all the eligibility criteria which are laid down by the Canada.

In order to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker an applicant must meet the following conditions –

Skill Type 0 (Managerial Occupation),

Skill Level A (Professional Occupation)

Skill Level B (Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades)

If a candidate is successful in receiving an Invitation for Canadian permanent residence then they will move onto the further stage of the application process. In this stage the applicant has 60 days in order to prepare and submit an electronic Application for Permanent Residence.

This application further goes into certification process.

Trades are regulated at the provincial and territorial level in Canada. So, in these cases verification, licensing is available but it is not required by the Law. This program is for the candidates who are not only qualified in their works but they are also skilled in their occupations.

Canada has an endless number of employment opportunities but it has the shortage of workforce. To complete the demand of skilled labor it issues the Federal Skilled Worker program so as to meet bot the ends. The Canadian government has designed its program in such a way that it automatically attracts young blood and it automatically increases the economy of the place.

Federal Skilled Worker Application Procedure

Interested applicants should submit an Express Entry profile to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Submitting an Express Entry profile doesn’t ensure a candidate will get Canadian permanent residence. Only after submitting an Express Entry profile will an applicant be allocated a CRS score and be considered in future Express Entry attracts for Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence.

When submitting your Express Entry profile, a Federal Skilled Worker candidate will need to provide the following documents.

Final Words

High-skilled professionals are always in demand but Canadian Government respects their educational skills and pays the right candidate the right amount. If you are in Canada then you should take the advantage of Federal Skilled Worker.

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