Atlantic Immigration

Atlantic Immigration

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Atlantic immigration pilot program – It was launched in 2017 to help the employers of Atlantic Canada to hire the skilled workers from foreign places. It gives facility to the skilled workers and international graduates who want to migrate and have the desire to stay in Atlantic after graduation.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is intended to welcome extra newcomers to the Atlantic Canada area to fill the necessities of local businesses and communities.

The three-year pilot program permits assigned nearby businesses to identify, recruit and hold worldwide ability. The program also has the objectives of supporting population growth, building up a skilled workforce, and expanding business rates in the region.

This program has achieved the success and its successful execution made it a permanent program. This program has continued its function and it is known as economic immigration program.

The pilot program forms part of an overall Atlantic growth strategy that is focused on the following five priority areas :

  • Innovation
  • Skilled workforce and immigration
  • Clean growth and weather change
  • Infrastructure
  • Trade and investment


About the Pilot program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program helps an individual to hire qualified candidates for jobs in an international level. These candidates can be overseas or living in Canada on temporary basis. If you want to hire someone then here are 3 programs under which you can hire someone. Just have a look at those 3 programs –

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program
  • Atlantic High-Skilled program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

The candidates of these 3 programs must have –

  • A candidate must have a degree, diploma or other qualification from a publicly funded institution in an Atlantic province.
  • A candidate must have lived in an Atlantic province for at least 16 months in the 2 years before getting the degree or diploma
  • A candidate should know the English or French language
  • A candidate must have enough cash so that he can support financially to his family or other dependent members.


Before making a Job offer for the qualified candidates you must be nominated by the provincial government of the Atlantic Province where the candidate will be working.

Final words

After making the Job offer the employer and the selected candidate will have to work through several steps. The candidate will receive a permanent resident status once he meets all the requirements and completes all the formalities. An employer will ask for a copy of employer’s confirmation of Designation.

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