Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program


The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program gives facility to foreign nationals to become the Permanent Residents of Canada. It has designed its strategies in such a way that the immigrant gets attracted towards it. With the help of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program the immigrant can easily immigrate and settle in Canada. It gives priorities to its economies and Manitoba welcomes exploratory visits from francophone or we can say that it welcomes French speaking people, skilled worker immigrant candidates.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program functions on these immigration streams-

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

It provides the benefits to skilled workers, workers in different sectors, graduates and most importantly agricultural entrepreneurs with the intention to provide a successful environment to them. Through this program we select internationally trained or skilled workers as per skills required for the local labour market.

International Education Stream

In this program we give chance to a graduate who meets the needs of the industry. The candidates who are selected under this category should have some amount of work experience or business management experience from the province.

Business Investor Stream

It aims at qualified international business investors and entrepreneurs. Under this province the candidates are initially issues with a temporary work permit and they must have the ability to start or purchase a business in Manitoba within the time period of two years. It provides a perfect platform to entrepreneurs and farm investors.

Skilled Workers Overseas

This immigration stream program is designed to target the skilled workers who has the ability to join Manitoba work force or can adapt the life in the province. In this program the priority is given to applicants and spouses who have close family connections. The candidate should have skills, training or experience in one of the Manitoba’s occupations and they should have a strong family connection. The candidates should find the employment soon after arriving to Manitoba.

All candidates to the MPNP who are applying as Skilled Workers Overseas should exhibit an established connection with Manitoba either through the help of relatives or companions, through past schooling or work experience in the territory or through an Invitation to apply got straightforwardly from the MPNP as a component of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.


Under some provincial programs, candidates are nominated according to their experience or as per the rules and regulations passed by the MPNP. It gives opportunity to the applicants to enter in Canada with temporary work permit and they should have ability to change that temporary work permit into permanent work permit.

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